4th of July Nate had to work, since after all it's not a holiday here at all!

The kids and I picked up EBB and headed out to Calacali, jamming to music and having conversation in code since Canaan is just as curious as his mom was at that age. Christine, Aaron, EBB and I ate too much bean dip before the grill was even going. We had grilled zucchini and too many sides as dusk settled and the kids ran around and underfoot. The kids watched some 4th of July movie on blankets outdoors while I stood listening to some good friends who have been gone awhile update me on how God is molding and changing them in big and exciting ways. I passed around my cookie dough-filled cupcakes and then we headed over to El Refugio for fireworks, sitting under blankets in the trunk of the car, happy to let the guys do the fire lighting. The kids were asleep before we even hit the highway out of Calacali and EBB and I quiet-talked the way home contentedly.





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