The kids completed the school year and what a welcome day it was to have them end! It's a relief to have a season of less schedules, less rushed mornings, less spelling words. We picked them up at noon, when school let out, and told them we were going for a celebratory treat. Nate kept asking about lunch, concerned people would be hungry with just a "milkshake" as I had suggested. I kept assuring him no one would be hungry and when he saw the size of these things he had to agree! Of course our kids weren't going to be able to finish them but after completing a whole year of school you gotta celebrate big, right.

EBB joined us as she had been wanting to try these milkshakes and the kids felt pretty special to have her along. They happily slurped and chomped and got frosting everywhere, while Nate and I discussed the pros and cons of dating apps with EBB. Canaan struck up a friendship with the shop owner and learned the intricacies of how she develops the milkshakes and markets them. The shop owner was very impressed with questions and interest and declared that he is going places. It was relaxed, it was out of the ordinary and it was just what we needed to tell the kids "we're proud of your hard work!"


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