14 years of marriage! 

Those 14 years have included a lot of hardwork, a lot of pushing through selfishness to find the other person, looking past our own interests to enjoy the other person but we're happy to keep on celebrating the hardwork and the fun!

Our anniversary came in the middle of a work team here that Nate was hosting so it was super nice in the midst of 9 days of barely seeing him to carve out a one day oasis of time to celebrate. In the morning we went to Skull Donuts, Quito's first specialty donut shop, while the kids were at school. While the donuts weren't anything to get too excited about I'd been wanting to try them for 6 months so I was glad to have my curiosity satisfied. We talked through what we want more of and less of in this next year of marriage.

At night we got a babysitter and went out to dinner in Cumbaya. There is a restaurant there I've been curious about for years but we've never quite made it because it's a 30-minute drive and when you are on the babysitter clock it's just easier to pick somewhere in the city! So it was a perfect anniversary splurge and we enjoyed lighthearted conversation while eating flatbread dipped in pesto, sweet chili wontons in chipotle aioli, fish-n-chips and tempura shrimp in an asian sauce. (No photos. Woops!)




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