Nate started off our Easter season by taking the kids to Quito's version of Jesus' triumphal entry on a donkey while I was away for a night. I appreciate that he is willing to take them downtown which involves tiny streets, lots of hills, non-stop traffic and me lost. But these are cultural experiences that they enjoy and that they learn from. They ask so many questions after these types of days! I want them to be kids who feel apart of this culture and who aren't intimidated to be a part of the bustling and jostling crowd. They grabbed some branches and joined the procession for awhile until the masses did get overwhelming and they had churros on the side of the road and watched it pass by.






We also did some Easter egg decorating with Damari while Nate was away at a game. There were lots of cracked eggs and lots eating of the decorative sugar so fun was surely had by all. Then we hid the eggs all over the backyard and they had fun finding them a few times.




For actual Easter weekend we went camping for the 3rd time in a row. It's a fun tradition because it puts us at the cross for Easter morning and allows all of us to get out of cell range and be simple for a weekend. The first night was just the Passmores and us and that was good time after a busy season for both families. The second night the Olsen family joined us, looking much cleaner to start! Hammock swinging is always popular and the kids swung so hard that they busted a rope and had a hammock fall. The kids wear the same clothes and boots for 3 days straight and love it. We don't brush Eden's hair and she loves it.

I enjoy watching the two little girls who can play for hours in the chozas and around the property, so caught up in their world of "babies" and imagination that they don't even notice us watching them. The boys go on adventures but spend the majority of their time poking sticks into the fire. This trip I introduced Aaron and Christine to Dutch Blitz and we played over nap time. Christine and I did our annual perimeter hike and probably made it a bit quicker than we ever have. I always enjoy that time to talk at leisure while we trek along and we go between lighthearted and heart topics.









Sunday morning we were up at the cross for songs and reflection. Phil Douce spoke and he used the images of a baby chick and a "dove," aka pigeon, to illustrate. Canaan got to hold a baby chick as part of this and Eden was asked to release a pigeon ... which she flung almost into the fire but eventually the pigeon soared off as it was supposed to.

Brunch in the new El Refugio dining hall, followed by the annual Egg Hunt in which Canaan is now one of the oldest and after which we always spend too much time counting the plastic eggs and trying to find the few missing ones. We headed out a bit early because I needed a shower before jumping on the bus with another bag to head to the jungle.





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