Quilotoa is this crater lake that I've been hearing about for years but never quite made it to. It's 3 hours from the city so just far enough to have kept us away so far. But when the RCs started talking about wanting to go, that was enough motivation to finally experience since they needed a car and driver. We set out early and made our way through the whole city to the south side and then just kept going. Views from the top were gorgeous, with the water glistening jade in some parts and turquoise in others. We picked a beautiful day with sun overhead and no rain clouds to be found.

The hike down was about 25 minutes of steep going and light steps to not slide. We passed many workers with donkeys for rent and expressed continual amazement that their job was to hike up and down over and over again during the day. Once at the bottom we sat on the dock in the sun, touched the water and just soaked in the views. Lauren and Canaan went for a little kayak ride. We spent about an hour at the bottom and then started our ascent which was MUCH slower going. It's much steeper than most of Pichincha but obviously also easier since it's about 50 minutes to the top. I was determined that the kids could make it and we wouldn't rent a donkey! Eden did great. Canaan had some trouble with whining and feeling like he wasn't going to make it but after a talk about halfway up he got cruising and did fine. We took frequent stops and were happy to see the bridge at the top! Three more hours in the car home in which many of us napped, we all got a little stir crazy, we shared snacks of jelly beans, trail mix, carrots and peanut butter m&ms, and the brakes on the Passmores car stopped working again. But we made it home by three just in time to play volleyball! So glad I did it once because it was beautiful and I love for the kids to experience hard things that they CAN do but wouldn't jump in the car to do it again just for a day trip anytime soon!




At the top at the start.



Halfway down, pulling Lauren down.



Crazy hair is how she rolls






At the bottom



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