We stayed in town this year for Carnaval but I still wanted to try to find a way to experience the holiday since it is typically done on a much larger scale in towns other than Quito. Nate poked around online and found that on the far northwest end of Quito there was a neighborhood having a celebration so we headed out with the Passmores having no idea what to expect. We were delighted to find just exactly what we were looking for with people spraying each other in the streets, lots of foam for sale, music and dancing. The kids and adults had a blast trying to spray foam into taxi and bus windows and plastering motorcycles. Eddie absolutely loved the whole thing and spent the majority of the morning in a personal war with a little boy he encountered. Canaan wanted to get up close to the dancing so we went into the gated area and got sprayed some more. After finishing our foam and grabbing towels we headed to a local park for a picnic lunch.







Because one day of foam isn't enough, the kids also had a good foam fight with each other while we played our weekly volleyball. And one afternoon before Carnaval Lauren, Justin, Lauren and I biked the Chaquinan, only to be ambushed with foam by Canaan and Eden just as we were finishing our ride.



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