My family was here for my actual birthday. Kim, my parents, and I spent the morning in Santa Clara doing some last minute shopping for baskets before they left. I had been complaining about needing more storage space for my dishware (probably because my mom, sis and I had all just snagged some handmade pottery for pennies) and when I saw this cabinet my mom urged me to get it, offering it as a birthday gift for me. It was originally brown but by afternoon they had stripped it, painted it this turquoise and delivered it to the house!

Nate made eggnog at night and we picked up about ten kinds of pastries from Cyril (my absolute favorite French patisserie) and after the kids went to bed we shared those in lieu of cake. It was simple, delicious and I enjoyed having my mom and sister rave about the almond croissant just as much as I do.




What I didn't know was that this wasn't my only celebration. A couple weeks later, after many of my friends who travel for Christmas had returned, Nate threw me a big birthday party. Super sweet since my 30th was about as uneventful as they come due to having a 3-week old baby! It was a party where I felt loves and like he knows me well enough to know what I appreciate. He invited about 16 of our closest friends over for a dinner party, but really put out all the stops with rented linens and glassware so that we weren't eating off plastic and one ginormous table that we could all share. He had my friend Christy do her magic with flowers and decor and before long my dining room felt transformed into a magical oasis. People dressed up and the night felt languid and unrushed, with drinks and breakfast for dinner (all made by Nate) around the table. He had people ask me questions - some funny, some meaningful. When I found out this was happening I insisted I wanted to make my own birthday cake (Millionaire Chocolate Cake with caramel and shortbread crumbs) but then we ended up having two because he'd also asked Christine to make one! And then some of my lovely friends stayed late washing glasses and sweeping crumbs from the floor.







These flowers were beyond gorgeous and perfect. The biggest hydrangea petals I've ever seen in my life and I spent weeks admiring them around my dining room.




0 #1 Emily Runyan 2017-06-17 02:47
Love this! Glad to see some pictures.

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