New Years Eve Day was my family's last day here so a bit of packing was done, my sis and her daughter got manicures and then we headed out to Amazonas street, where some of the action happens. Well, actually I should first let you know what the streets are like. Picture loads of colorful masks and stuffed dummies on every corner being sold. And then picture clumps of young adult men dressed as scantily clad women holding ropes across the street to make every car stop. They stop you and you have to give them some coins to go. This is their way of getting beer money for the night and it's pretty unavoidable for any car or taxi and no law enforcement would ever stop it. For whatever reason this whole tradition really scares Canaan and he was nervous all day but truly as long as you have a few coins to toss you'll be fine. 

On Amazonas street they shut down traffic and it's full of people in costumes, masks, etc walking down the street ogling other people's costumers as well as the booths that are constructed that make political statements about the year. Bands perform every couple of meters and you hold your kids' hands tightly to not lose each other as you push through the throng at parts. Once we had our fill of crowds and watching the kids dance we headed home.

The Passmores had a BBQ/NYE potluck in their park so we headed there for dinner where we grilled our chicken and watched the kids light up the dance floor with my friend Christy. It was a bit chaotic but worked. My whole family had to leave around 8:30, after sparklers and a few fireworks so we said goodbye and Nate took them to the airport while I put our kids down to sleep at the Passmores just a few houses away. The kids were fine saying goodbye but as soon as we were in the bedroom at the Passmores Eden started crying hysterically for her Nona. It took awhile to soothe her and I may have audiotaped the hysterics to send to Nona at the airport but she did settle eventually and they slept wonderfully through the night. I went back to the party where Nate joined up and we ate more dessert, laughed with friends, danced and played a hysterical game of volleyball with very poor lighting and very poor performances by all before calling it a night around 2am.


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