The whole Jordan family came to Quito for Christmas, which was our first time being together here since Eden was born 5 years ago. Because we've grown in number since then, they all stayed at my friend Elisa's house a neighborhood over.

The first day everyone was in town we hosted Eden's birthday party at Mr. Joy followed by cake at home. Lunches consisted of things such as ocro de papa and empanadas were consumed whereever we went. We spent time at the local park, time in the pool and in the backyard. People did the artisan market and paintings at Elejido. We spent a morning picnic at Guapulo park and church, which was a new one for my family and next time we'd go back to spend longer. We did a day trip to El Refugio where we hiked up to the treehouse and the kids explored, followed by Christmas leftovers at Christy's. We did a night on La Ronda (the oldest street in the city) where we watched a parade and then tried empanadas de morocho. Turns out no one likes them as much as me and we went ahead and got empanadas de viento as well. Unfortunately we were having one kid with an ungrateful attitude so Nate ended up eating in the car with the one who had lost the privilege of eating with the family. (As it turns out Christmas doesn't mean kids act perfectly!) We went to Metropolitano Park where the kids played on the pulley swings and a few of us took a hike. We also went up to the Panecillo for city views, a view of the world's tallest nativity and a band of Christmas characters on stilts. A trip to Santa Clara for baskets, Cyril for pastries, Galleti for coffee craft time with Nona.

Christmas Eve was spent in a service at the little Advent St. Nicholas church. Carols, scripture reading and candles. Ceviche, salami and cheese for late dinner. Christmas morning included stockings, lots of wrapping paper and lego playing and a turkey for dinner. Nona read the Christmas story to the kids. A few days later we celebrated Rajah's birthday with cupcakes and new tutus for her. All of these activities happened around a quick trip to Shell & Banos ... more about that later. I appreciated open and honest conversations with my mom and sister, how flexible and non-stressed out by 4 kids FP is able to be and watching Canaan absolutely dote on Rajah.

















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