These two cuties get super excited about Halloween ... and thanks to Nona's post-Halloween 2015 shopping I didn't have to put a minute of thought into their outfits. We had a cave girl and a football ref and the kids embraced their roles wholeheartedly.


Per recent tradition we went over to Campo Alegre where many US Embassy families live and trick-or-treated around their neighborhood. Nate wasn't able to join us because of a team event so we met up with the Passmores. We finished up the night at the Wills house for bowls of chili and chips and a candy bowl full of US candy. This was the first year C & E were introduced to the idea of trading their candy and they loved it but I noted that the older boys took full advantage of the opportunity to sucker them out of any good candy! It was a lot of walking and Eden got tired after awhile but they pulled through til about 8:30pm before we called it a night. It's fun to recreate a bit of the US and have kids streaming down the streets, something you wouldn't see anywhere else in Quito. I put the kids to bed and then headed over to Bryan's with a bag full of candy to watch a movie. 





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