** Remember when I used to blog and it was real time? It's been awhile. I was ALMOST caught up an then the semester hit and now I'm just as far behind. Someday ....  But regardless can I just say that the pool is great whether summer or dead of winter. We love it! **


Pepe's pool was the highlight of our summer. Not because it was the very BEST thing we did but because it was what we did. Almost daily.


With Pepe no longer living next to us we haven't used it much recently but we saw him one day and asked about using it. His response that we could use it absolutely whenever. And we did! Fighting kids? Throw them in the pool! Rain outside? Throw them in the pool. No afternoon plan? Throw them in the pool. Friends coming for a play date? Throw them all in the pool!


They learned to swim fully on their own this summer. They learned how to dive to the bottom and grab objects off it. They learned sommersaults underwater. And we were able to swim with them, or bring a computer out and get some work done, or even grab a kindle and read while they splashed and played. Thank you dear POOL for making our summer feel like summer and for bringing us so much free entertainment!




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