I have been itching for some time to make doughnuts with friends and my monthly dinner club seemed like the perfect place to do it!


Frying is not my forte, nor is frying particularly glamorous what with the grease everywhere, the heavy smell in the house and more. But man, those fried pockets of dough are delicious going down. So delicious that I probably ate about nine doughnuts this night. Yep. Classy.




But it was super fun to share with friends. The kind of friends who are close enough that I could say, "Okay I could see where I could become a drill seargent with this so just give me a kick if I am." And they know me well enough to follow through on it. I did a little bit of doughnut overload and we had krispy kreme knockoffs with original and maple glaze, old fashioned chocolate cake, and these delicious little, totally simple strawberry fritters that were quickly everyone's favorite.




Christy brought a yummy ricotta, tomato, basil chicken wrapped in french bread concoction that was all sorts of delicious and we ate savory and we ate sweet and we had wine and we talked about relationships and our ability to be in relationship well with others. And we talked about permission to speak into each other's lives even when what we have to say might be hard.


And we cooked mountains of doughnuts. And I loved it. So thanks friends for doing one just for me!



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