For Father's Day this year we started out with a big breakfast for Nate. The kids had made cards and we also got a t-shirt of famous soccer players.

Then we headed out on a new adventure: our first family hike. No backpacks for the kids, just their own two legs for the 45 minute hike. We really weren't sure how this experiment would go but we were game to try something new. We drove about thirty minutes out to Nono to a place where you can hike to a waterfall. It was so peaceful and green along the path. Along the way we ran into a few families we sort of know who also have young kids and so Canaan and Eden barely noticed they were hiking as they laughed along the path. They loved finding the waterfall at the end and getting wet with the spray. We enjoyed the view and the misty feeling in the air for about 30 minutes before hiking back. The hike back was just us as the other families had packed picnic lunches. We were super thrilled that our kids loved the hike both ways and would definitely try something even more challenging soon. From there we headed into Nono to a restaurant known for it's cheap but delicious steak. The steak turned out to be mediocre but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

We headed home, but the trip home was much longer when Nate quickly pulled over after noticing an incident on the side of the road. We won't ever be sure exactly what was going on because Nate originally noticed a guy forcibly holding a girl. But Nate and I made multiple attempts to talk to them, to help figure out if the girl was in danger or if he needed help. From what we can tell they were both incredibly drunk and had driven their car into the embankment. They wanted us to help pull them out but we didn't feel comfortable putting them back on the road. We had no cell signal. Fortunately some of the diplomat families who had been on our hike showed up after about twenty minutes and I was thankful to have "embassy" people help us solve this. Shortly thereafter the police arrived and we let them take over. It was a good topic for the kids about being willing to help others, about sometimes putting ourselves at risk if we think someone else is hurting and more. 

That night we put the kids to bed and then indulged in Nate's favorite homemade ice cream: butterfinger and reeses pb cup vanilla ice cream.






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