Last year we did a Girl's Weekend to the coast, which was the original plan for this year. But with all of the earthquake damage it didn't seen right to go there, both for safety and just sensitivity to what was going on. We threw out idea after idea but none seemed quite right and then one of us got pregnant and that changed their availability and then one had a trip to the US come up and before long the trip was looking really different. But Christy has just moved into her new place in Calacali and we loved it so Christine and I proposed a weekend in and our simple plan was hatched. Far enough away from our kids and the city but not much work to throw together.

The three of us had the whole weekend together, but because we stayed in Calacali, Suzy was able to pop in and out when her schedule allowed. We started out the weekend together by picking up fresh salads at Go Green and taking a blanket to Metropolitan Park. It was peaceful, the food was flavorful and we sat and laid and talked and relaxed before heading to Christy's. The first night we ate black bean, spinach, quinoa wraps and were applauding ourselves for how healthy this trip was ... and then before our movie someone spotted popcorn and Christy offered white chocolate and any health was soon undone when we ate two HUGE bowls of popcorn: salted and white chocolate. We went to bed fairly early, Christine and I reading and Christy playing Candy Crush. What else are good friends for then to share your normal bedtime routines with, right?

I literally have no idea what we did with most of our time because we kept it so chill. We painted our toes and fingers. Christine and I got one workout in. We talked in the morning, we talked at noon, we talked at night. On couches, around the floor, around the table, in the yard. The second night Emily and Suzy joined us for a very silly dinner in which Christine and I might have been rolling around on the kitchen floor while Christy shushed us and Emily and Suzy carried on a perfectly normal conversation at the table over Steaks with Brandy Sauce and sweet potatoes. One morning we drove to a community close by that left me sick to my stomach from the winding roads. The views were breathtaking and the mountain air refreshing though and we again sat on the side of the mountain and talked looking out over a valley. We showed youtube videos of Nashville to Christy hoping to suck her into the show. Christine made us pumpkin pancakes one morning and Christy's Christmas nostalgia left her ecstatic and she began decorating with pine. Christine also made us a mexican pasta for dinner that left us SO full that we ended up using our mint chocolate chip cake and dulce de leche filled cupcakes as food fight supplies instead of eating them. The food fight was legit. Lots of frosting. Lots of smearing. Greasy hair, clothes immediately in the laundry. And we were still finding swipes on the walls the next morning. Christy is gracious I'll tell ya! There was also a wrestling match because sometimes we like to pretend that we aren't 34. There were also some attempts at handstand twerking that I would call mildly successful at best.

I am so appreciative of my friends. I love our ability to laugh together and be absolutely ridiculous. I love our ability to be honest with each other, to communicate through misunderstandings and hurt to grow deeper. And I love that we are able to flow from silly to serious at any moment, knowing we all embrace both. 




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ONE of us showered and led worship at church. The rest of us ... bedhead til noon.

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