For mother's day at Alouette this year there were six stations set up to do with our kids. There was a potato sack race, a pool filled with balls, the macarena and a homemade slip'n'slide. There was also a hair combing (tragedy for the curly headed among us) and nail painting station. Per usual with little kids, Eden was BEYOND excited to celebrate me and pretty much totally focused on how much fun she would have! I always enjoy being with her at school though where I can see her interact with her friends.

For actual Mother's Day (which I failed to take pictures of) Nate made pancakes while I went for a run. Then we drove to Guayllabamba to check out a new water park where we spent the day on a blow up rock climbing wall and in the pools. The kids loved it, I got chewed up by mosquitos, but it was a simple plan to enjoy the day together.


IMG_20160505_092709457_HDR IMG_20160505_093258303

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