This house has so many great qualities about it. The neighborhood, the price, the size, the proximity to school and work, the back yard, the skylights in the kitchen and more. 


This house also leaks. Every year. Every rainy season. For days on end. Mostly through the skylights in the kitchen, plinking onto our counters and stove. Also in the back area where the roof is made of corrugated plastic (is that a thing?). We are pretty used to it. We keep lots of towels on hand. I make sure not to set up my cutting board on certain parts of the counter at certain times of the year. But this weekend? This was another level. Our WHOLE laundry area had 3 inches on the floor. It was seeping, creeping out. So we did the rational thing and went to bed and hoped it solved itself.


It didn't. But a quick trip out to Canaan's window onto the roof showed the immediate problem of a leaf-covered drain and another foot of water hanging out on the roof. A young kid's dream morning, right?





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