Dirty from camping, but we love waking up on Easter morning on the side of a beautiful mountain. Every year as we drive up to the cross, the skies are bright blue and the yellow wildflowers are blooming. This year our kids were old enough to sing along to the Sunrise Service songs. Canaan held baby Clay's hand sweetly the whole time. John Darnell used the kids and the 12 easter eggs to tell the resurrection story. It was short, it was simple and it was a perfect way to remember.


We then headed down the mountain to brunch. Way too much food. I can never resist a cinnamon roll (or three) and I'm in heaven with baked treats everywhere. The kids picked out their favorites and we ate with the Voths. Afterward the kids were called down to the chapel area where they began the getting-bigger-each-year egg hunt. They were each allowed to find 12 eggs and then help younger kids. It's always comical that we all then have to spend 30 minutes counting eggs and trying to find the last remaining one so that everyone gets their stash of plastic eggs back to use the next year! I had fun trailing behind Eden as she looked, but Canaan is mostly getting too quick for me to follow now.







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