Easter Camping round 2. I appreciate already being on the mountain, enjoying the view and the fresh air, before the sunrise service on Easter. I don't particularly love being dirty and smelly when everyone else is showered and in their Easter outfits but it's still worth it!


This year we invited the Wallaces to join us and it was a fun addition. We ate lots of veggies and ranch dip and had more success at cooking over the fire. The first night Christy came up and we sat around the fire, debriefing our Cuenca trip, and letting the Wallace's in on some of our crazy. Nate, Canaan, and Eden shared a tent. Zeke and Boston another, Aaron and Damari a third. The rest of the Wallaces took one choza and Christine and I took the other. The first night was ... not restful. Aching hipbones and the sound of Aaron's snore two tents away!


Following tradition, the next morning Christine, Robyn and I took off on the perimeter hike. This time we successfully found the path right away and enjoyed pushing uphill and then meandering along the path before sliding our way back down, all while talking marriage and family. We played volleyball in the afternoon and it was tragic and comical to play on the tall, tall net with ecua voli players and those of us who have been playing together on weekends. I enjoyed laughing with Brian over our mutual frustration with the game. 


Around the campfire that night we talked seriously about challenges ahead and then had some hilarious conversations about a hypothetical Nate through out to make the whole group uncomfortable. My favorite part of camping came after when Christine and I climbed into our sleeping bags and whispered talked til 1am; about life, about ourselves, about our friendship, about who God is creating each of us to be. The kind of talk that leaves you tingling and settles into your soul with warmth long after.


The next morning we woke up and all scrambled to get ready in time to leave at 7:45. There were some rough moments and the group left tense because we were all aware that it had been important for Aaron to get up there on time and we were leaving 5 minutes late. When we rounded the corner and not a soul was in site around the cross we all wondered if we had been off by an hour and had missed the service this year. You could feel the palpable tension settle on the car and children were hushed as Aaron got out. You can't imagine the sigh of relief when he called and found out that everyone else was running late and would be up soon. Everyone started giggling and I loved that feeling of knowing friends so well that we know their buttons, the things that irritate them and we can join them in it and laugh about it together.




This hammock was a source of great enjoyment and vigorous bickering for all the kids.




IMG_20160325_153705027_HDR IMG_20160326_070051701


Everyone wanted a piece of happy baby Clay.










A green pepper eating contest between Canaan and Aaron. Canaan took it so seriously.



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