Deciding to go to Boise for Christmas was totally unplanned. So unplanned that our great family had already planned and sent all sorts of Christmas gifts down and they were all wrapped and hidden in closets. It made zero sense to haul all of that back to the US only to return here a few weeks later so we decided to have a Family Christmas here in Quito before flying to Boise. The kids were excited and all for the idea!


We hung stockings, we pretended it was Christmas Eve the day before and gave them a Christmas Eve surprise box with new socks, jammies for Eden and undies for Canaan since he doesn't wear jammies anymore, candy necklaces, hot cocoa, popcorn and movie that we will never show them again (Charlie Brown Christmas ... everyone is so mean and whiney!). The next morning I woke to the patter of little feet joyfully running downstairs to check out those stockings.  It is so fun to watch them get older and remember and love the traditions.


We did breakfast with Peppermint Hot Chocolate Bread Pudding, eggs and bacon and then we settled around the tree to open gifts. Canaan is not as into being Santa as one would hope so he only lasted halfway through when Nate took over. Eden had to try on EVERY item she opened, including each set of tights in a 3-pack. Her outfit changed quickly. We took our time opening and played and opened and played some more. Mr. Sketch markers in funny flavors like blue cheese were one of the highlights for both kids and Canaan's nose was surprisingly accurate and guessing scents. We took a trip downstairs to see their new (used) scooters and a trip over to the Passmores to get Nate's new cornhole set that Sean Queenan made and I painted. And we took a trip up to our room to give Eden her dollhouse. The look of wonder on her face was so precious and her brother's excitement for her was so sweet. She was enraptured and now in April I don't think much has changed.




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