Surprised? I totally was. While I had been skeptical about the chocolate cake in my fridge Nate had an explanation for it and I was headed off to work. I threw on some clothes and went to my office in the dark to do a couples session. After they left I waited the requisite 5 minutes before following them out and was just getting ready to leave when I heard footsteps. Thinking they'd returned for help with the gate I popped my head out and was met with streamers and whistles and a giant yellow hat! Christy, the Passmores and us piled in the Passmores car and I took a couple guesses, one of which was karaoke. 


I was surprised again, though, when more people kept popping up. I loved the setup as we had our own private room and didn't have to wait in line or sing amongst strangers. It took awhile for the crowd to warm up but once we did there was no turning back! I think Matt Enderle gets the credit for singing a Selena Gomez song that he clearly knew every word to in perfect falsetto. That definitely broke the ice. Nate gets credit for singing the first song, a request he couldn't deny on my birthday. We were loud, we were fierce, we were ridiculous and hysterical and I loved every minute of it.I love just playing with my friends, putting off the mom, the co-worker, the adult hats for a night and playing together. Of course some had to head out early for work the next day but it just got more fun as it dwindled down to my closest friends and the most serious karaoke-ers. We finally called it a night at 1am with our vocal cords ragged. I felt loved by Nate and my friends for pulling this off and for giving me a great (really early) birthday celebration!






0 #1 Emily Runyan 2016-05-24 03:04
I don't think I understood all the details of this! Nice job Nate!! I wish I could see some video highlights. Sounds so fun!

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