Apparently this year there was supposed to be a surprise birthday party for Christine & I. I think Nate had the idea of combining them, though they are a month apart, because he knows how hectic it gets between Christmas and New Years. But with some really hard, stressful weeks due to the loss of a friend a full on party didn't seem appropriate and the party was canceled. Instead, once things had settled a bit, we still wanted to celebrate Christine so we threw a much lower-key version of the initial affair.


Christy came over and directed us into how to turn our terrace into an intimate, cozy environment. I plated appetizers and desserts while Nate ordered cheese, picked up wine and an alfajor cake. The patio lights twinkled, the air was crisp/cold so we huddled under blankets and we gorged ourselves with rich cheeses, deep wines, and a chocolate ice cream cake. I loved the opportunity to celebrate a friend even in the midst of shared sadness, to allow beautiful moments in when they are least expected and to sit in the comfort of best friends who want nothing more than to squeeze on a couch together.







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