Just after Thanksgiving we decided to put up our tree since we had a free morning. We made our way to our traditional Christmas tree lot and brought home this small beauty. As is often the case, it was sunny and 80 degrees when we brought our tree home and it took us ten minutes to get the price from $80 to $35. But what would it be without all the regular traditions, right? This year we got smart and asked for more of the base cut off at the lot. And we carried it in on a blanket, eliminating about 30 minutes of sweeping up the stairs. Canaan earned a quarter for the sweeping that was needed and impressed us with his "can do" attitude about all of it!


Rather miraculously we got the tree chosen, home and set up so quickly that we were able to decorate it in the same day. Nate broke out the hot chocolate ingredients and started stringing lights while I got to work on the ornament trunk. The kids loved remembering which were their ornaments as they trimmed the tree.






IMG_20151129_105517731 IMG_20151129_150718



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