We did our traditional squash carving a few weeks before Halloween. The kids each had a mini squash to decorate and per usual Nate handled the big one. I did my usual job ... separating the seeds from the guts and making pepitas to snack on!

This year our Halloween looked a little different. No party at our house and we didn't do the Campo Alegre trick-or-treating. This was because we would be at the BEACH for actual Halloween. Nate had signed up for a triathlon at CasaBlanca and so a crew of us went to cheer him on ... and take advantage of the beach. There was a days long debate over whether to stay in town Friday night to be at Gina's Halloween bash and finally over some impromptu guaguas de pan at Cyrano one Friday afternoon we took a final vote and decided to stay for the party and leave reeeaaalllly early Saturday morning.

This year I put no effort into Halloween costumes, as my mom had snagged some leftovers from the year before. Canaan had been begging to use his shark costume for ages. We had a shark and an owl, though as you might see from pictures that this particular owl would probably win any fight should the owl and shark meet up in a dark alley ...

Gina had put a lot of effort into making it a big deal for the kids and her neighbors did a great job participating too. Gina had US candy brought in, pumpkin cookies for them to decorate and chili nachos for everyone to eat. After beddtime Nate took the kids home and I stayed til midnight, singing terribly loud and terribly terrible karaoke with Christy, Gina and Diana. And yes, that made for a very early beach morning the next day. But totally worth it.



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